• project #10

    Kaspersky Video Ad

  • Kaspersky Lab wanted to create an impressive video demonstration of future outcomes with regards to network security in the most dramatic way. Red Keds Creative Agency cooperated with Nenashev Studio and flew director Jared Eberhardt and director of photography Will Bex to Moscow to shoot this video in a couple of intense but really rewarding days.

  • Credits

    Client: Kaspersky Lab
    Agency: Red Keds
    Production, CG: Nenashev Studio
    Director: Jared Eberhardt
    Director of Photogrtaphy: Will Bex
    Sound and Music: Vasiliy Filatov
    Client Management: Julie Biletskaya

  • What I've done

    Crew Management
    Creative Supervision
    Location Scouting
    Risk Management