WhoTF is Dmitry Kotov?

I'm a Digital Media producer based in San Francisco, CA.

My passion is to create beautiful and immersive experiences through all forms of digital media. Astonishing videos, eye-catching images, brain-touching sounds, complex systems, analytics, and funny gifs — this is the stuff I'm always happy to produce.

Music Producer at Until I Breathe for 4 years
Producer at Red Keds Creative Agency for 2 years
Procurement Consultant at Unilever for 1.83 years

Owner at Paradise Bird for 0.3 years

Bachelor's Degree in Nuclear Physics at Moscow Engineering Physics Institute

Why should I work with you, Dmitry?

Unlike major agencies and local producers, I extensively utilize networking and process automation besides my own skills. It means that I have a large network of specialists I already worked with before (that includes best talent from France, Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus) and I use my own project management system to automate the daily grind of a media producer. Hence, you'll have lower rates and smaller margins on management whilst still getting the best quality content you could ever find.


Project Management > 5 years
Photography > 6 years
Video Recording > 7 years
Video Editing > 7 years
Sound Editing > 11 years
Musical Composition > 13 years




Kaspersky Lab

Central Partnership


(not listed yet)





Curriculum (if somebody asks)

  • Mathematical Analysis

    Analytical Geometry

    Atomic, Molecular and Wave Physics

    Probability Calculus

    Complex Variable Theory

    Theory of Strength of Materials

    Statistical Thermodynamics

    Calculus of Differentials and Integrals

    Vectors and Tensors Calculus

  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering

    Electricity and Magnetism Physics

    Microprocessor-based Systems

    Engineering and Computer Graphics

    Intellectual Property Management

    Communication Systems and Networks

    Linear Algebra

    Methods and Tools of Physical Measurement

    Research and Data Analysis

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