• project #12

    AQUA Game Trailer

  • Small game development studio Dream Island asked me to produce a video trailer for their upcoming mobile game. In collaboration with Foya (Floriane Grivillers) and her small team of ex-Wakfu animation experts, we created a small story about a young creator of an underwater world with various creatures that a player should collect to battle its friends.

  • Credits

    Floriane (Foya) Grivillers — Art Direction and Animation
    Guillaume Viémont — Compositing
    Kosal Sok — FX Design
    Pavel Prokofyev — Concept Artist
    Andrey Davlikanov — Logo, GUI and Poster Design
    Vasiliy Filatov — Music and Sound Design
    Mikhael Turutanov — Website Development
    Boris Goncharov — Creative Director

  • What I've done

    HR Scouting
    Project Management
    Web Development