• project #14

    Tasty Pastry Video Game

  • This project took me about 2.5 years to launch due to the smallest team ever and an incredible amount of work I put in this project as a jack of all trades. Even though this project had just a little commercial success, the amount of entrepreneurial experience I gained is shocking. Hope you will enjoy the gameplay video.

  • Credits

    Idea: Boris Goncharov
    Programmers: Mitya Yamaikin, Artem Ivashnev,
    Roman Angelovskiy, Yuri Isupov
    Illustrators: Valeriya Danilova, Alex Mas,
    Sergey Usatov, Elena Burkova
    Sound Effects: Ivan Kuvshinnikov
    Level Design: Denis Chera

  • What I've done

    Project Management
    Game Design
    Musical Composition
    Quality Assurance