• project #7

    Lipton Fruit Journey Video Game

  • Continuing a series of social video games released to grow Lipton Tea Brand awareness in social media, Red Keds Creative Agency created a concept of a never-ending story about a dream team of fruits from Lipton Pyramid series that were scattered across the globe by an evil Coffee Bean. Smarthead Studio helped them turn this crazy concept into reality.

  • Credits

    Client: Unilever Russia
    Agency: Red Keds
    Web Development: Studio Smarthead
    Art Direction, Design: Ilya Sizov
    Idea, Copywriting: Danil Morozenko
    Illustration: Nikita Vasilevskiy,
    Sirena Sungatullina, Anya Fedorova
    Music and Sound Effects:
    Vasiliy Filatov
    Level Design: Nika Miloserdova

  • What I've done

    Project Management
    Game Design
    UX/UI Design
    Quality Assurance