• project #9

    Escape Plan Mix Media Promo

  • Central Partnership in collaboration with Red Keds Creative Agency were challenged to promote a new Hollywood blockbuster with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone in movie theaters all across Moscow. They built a transparent cage and hired an actor to sit in the cage while an encouraged team of social media activists was solving puzzles to set the prisoner free.

  • Credits

    Client: Central Partnership
    Agency: Red Keds
    Camera: Maxim Shishov
    Creative Direction, Design: Rodion Arsenyev
    Idea: Viktoriya Zvonareva
    Copywriting: Evgeniy Belousov
    Producer: Mitya Mescheryakov
    Client Management: Julie Biletskaya, Alexey Bodrov

  • What I've done

    Project Management
    Video Recording
    Video Editing
    Musical Composition
    Advanced Wireless Network Setup